Friday, March 6, 2020


1. There are five departments of life symbolized by a 5 pointed star. They are 1 spiritual 2 mental 3 physical 4 social and 5 financial.
2. The powers that cause us to do great things from the little beginnings are zeal fervour and enthusiasm.
3. The secret of silence enables us to retain enthusiasm for our aims and plans.
4. To dissipate unwanted desires we talk them out or use writing out exercises.
5. All the good we are doing and we are going to do must be done in the now. Exercising reason will and judgement in everything.
6. Knowing that there are both good and bad coming in the future we should not be fearful of the future if we remember that we are working with destiny.
7. We should live in a constant state of expectancy anticipating many good things. We will live in this frame of mind so absolutely that we will not be surprised when good things do come, but we will be exceedingly thankful.
8. We should do what we can, wherever we are, with whatever we have.
9. Expect great changes in every department of our life.
10 We will work secretly as well as openly realizing that a good deed done secretly often accomplishes much more than a larger one done publicly.
11. We welcome information understanding and teaching from every source and we will use our gift of discernment to determine the value and truth of all sources of information.
12. Eliminate from our minds fear, hatred, revenge, jealousy, and bigotry.
13. Remember that love is the greatest force in the universe.
14. Allway word with the reconstruction gang not with the demolition crew.
15 Faith and good conscience are your weapons against evil.
16 Encourage one another. Do not allow your heart to be hardened by the reactions of others.

From the book "Outwitting Tomorrow secrets for living from the Great Pyramid." By Valiant Thor with Frank E Stranges.

Helping Others

Never do for somebody else what they are capable to do for themselves.

Talking out Method

To get rid of unwanted fixations talk to your friends delightfully and amusingly about them make fun of fear, for example, tell funny stories about timidity or other characteristics you want to get rid of.

When one has learned to control his desires the next step is to control his emotions and then the entire mind beginning with the subconscious. In that realm of the mind, everything we have ever heard or read or experienced is safely stored waiting to be recalled and utilized.

From the book Outwitting Tomorrow secrets for living from the Great Pyramid. By Valiant Thor with Frank E Stranges.